About ISAE

The term ISAE (pron. e-sae) short for 2세대 (2nd generation) refers in our context to German-born children of Korean-born parents.

ISAE is the only German made soju combining solid German distilling craftsmanship with Korean influences. With its smooth, mild character and subtle sweetness ISAE is the perfect companion for Asian and Korean cuisine. Due to its low alcohol by volume content of 18% ISAE is an ideal premium basis for contemporary low-proof drinks and light cocktails.

ISAE has its roots almost 8000 km to the east: On the Korean peninsula soju has traditionally been distilled from wheat and rice since the 13th century. It was diluted only with spring water to obtain a high-quality spirit made from pure natural ingredients.

Today traditionally produced soju accounts for only a fraction of the soju sold worldwide. Soju imported from Korea usually contains ethanol from potato or tapioca starch and is mixed with artificial sweetener, flavor and additional industrial additives to obtain a drinkable product.

ISAE completely refrains from using artificial flavors or additives and is small batch distilled according to the German purity requirement for grain spirits from the year 1789.  Only highest quality regional winter wheat and organic rice is used to make ISAE.

ISAE grew out of my desire to make a good and honest soju available in Germany which holds the 2nd biggest Korean community in West Europe with many authentic Korean restaurants and bars.

Have a good time with ISAE!

Yours truly